The Spade

Similarly to Sam Spade, I will use critical analysis to work on a preliminary picture of your family history. This package includes beginning research into 1-2 generations of 1-2 surnames. You will receive a research plan, survey of records available for the area and a digital and/or paper delivery of the completed package.

The Poirot

Order, method, and symmetry were Poirot's preference. This package includes an in-depth research and analysis into your family tree including 3-4 generations on 1-2 surnames. You will receive pedigree chart and family group sheets in addition to a detail report including all sources, documents and photographs found. A digital and/or paper delivery of the complete package will be provided.

The Holmes

Holmes used logic to solve the most desperate of mysteries. This package includes in-depth research and analysis of 2-5 generations and 3-4 surnames, pedigree chart and family group sheets, all documents and photographs discovered, online family tree, and a detailed report with all sources. A digital and/or paper copy of the complete package will be delivered.

The Maisie

Maisie Dobbs' joy of reading and learning led her to find her path to helping others. If your own genealogical or historical research is gathering dust waiting for you to make sense of it or get it out to other family members, let me help. With this package, I'll compile any research you already have, verify sources and create an online family tree for you to share.

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